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As we are based in the United Kingdom, we operate mainly in UK Pounds. However, you can make payment to us using any leading credit or debit card that supports any currency - Although you will make payment in UK Pounds, the amount charged to your card will be shown in your own currency. The amount you will pay in your own currency can be calculated using the table below. These rates include currency conversion charges.

N.B. Please note that whilst these rates are based on live rates there may be very small differences to the amounts shown below and the amount you pay. (E.G. a few cents in the case of US dollars). For up to date information please check these rates just before you place your order as exchange rates do vary on a day-to-day basis.

 UK Pounds £
UK£ 1.00 =  
US Dollars
Canadian Dollars
Japanese Yen
Australian Dollars
New Zealand Dollars
Hong Kong Dollars
Singapore Dollars
Swiss Francs
Swedish Krona
Norwegian Krone
Danish Kroner
Polish Zloty
Hungarian Forint
Czech Koruna

Currency data courtesy If you need currency conversion from a currency that is not listed please contact us.

Calculate the price you will pay in your own currency as follows:

Total Price x Rate = Total to Pay in Your Currency.

Example: Assuming a Total Price of £50 and a US Dollar Rate of 2.00

50 x 2.00 = $100 US Dollars

Please do contact us if you need any help with this.

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